Motor Vehicle Crash Report: If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident where someone is injured, and/or if there is over $1000 in damage to a vehicle or property, you must submit an accident report to the Police Department and MA Registry of Motor Vehicles within five days.

MV Operator Complaint Form: This form is used to file a complaint with the MA Registry of Motor Vehicles if you witness the improper operation of a motor vehicle.

Alarm Registration Form: Use this form to register your alarm system as required by Town By-Law.

Special Needs Alert Registration: Use this form to to provide information to assist in the return of a person with special needs.

Application for Firearms License: Use this form to apply for a License to Carry firearms. Be sure to view and follow the instructions completely.

Application for FID Card: Use this form to apply for a FID Card. Be sure to view and follow the instructions completely.

Firearms Transfer Form: All weapons transfers must be completed with an online FA-10 form.  Follow the link to report firearms tranfers to The Massachusetts Criminal Justice Information Service.

Firearms Change of Address Form: Within 30 days of moving you need to notify the licensing authority that issued your permit, the chief of police into whose jurisdiction such cardholder moves and the executive director of the criminal history systems board of any change of address.



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