Juvenile Resources

Names: Det. Sgt. William Regan, SRO Melissa O'Connor and SRO Kristine Pugliese
Phone: (617) 993-2550

The Juvenile Officer is assigned to the Detective Division and performs many functions. In addition to all of the Detective Duties the officer handles juvenile issues. Any calls that involve juvenile victims or suspects, this officer will perform all necessary follow up investigations. The Juvenile Officer is trained in the same skills as the criminal detective but also receive additional training to handle other youth issues that might come up. This is an important job because this officer is the link to the youth of Belmont and the Police. Belmont is very fortunate due to the past and current work of Belmont Juvenile Officers. The successful Juvenile Officer builds relationships through trust and is able to form bonds that allow for great problem solving abilities. The Juvenile Officer also represents the Belmont Police in roundtable discussions with the Middlesex District Attorneys Office, Youth Commission, Diversion programs and other State Accredited programs.