Traffic Safety is a Priority in Belmont

Subject to the direction and control of the Police Chief, The Sergeant in charge of the Traffic Division for the Belmont Police Department is responsible for the supervision and guidance for all those Officers and non-sworn personnel assigned to his/her division. The Traffic Sergeant is in charge of prosecuting civil and criminal traffic violations at Cambridge District Court. The Traffic Sergeant is also responsible for coordinating and overseeing the motorcycle unit.

The Traffic Division is responsible for the storage of all records of the Belmont Police Department. Members of the Traffic Division are responsible for the investigation of serious motor vehicle crashes, monitoring and enforcement of traffic flow and enforcement of parking.

The Traffic Division is composed of one Sergeants, one Patrol Officer, 2 Secretaries, 16 School Crossing Guards, and 4 Parking Control Clerks.

Other duties and responsibilities include:

  • Assisting motorists with crash  reports
  • Crossing school children
  • Issuing and monitoring Hackney licenses
  • Issuing parking stickers
  • Working closely with representatives of the Registry of Motor Vehicles
  • Control of the Breath Test unit and all Radar units
  • Proactive planning for pedestrian and operator safety
  • Control of infant and child car seats
  • Control of all traffic and speed signs

If you have questions or would like to request traffic enforcement at a specific location in Belmont,  please e-mail Sgt. Ben Mailhot or the Traffic Concerns mailbox.   Suggestions or requests pertaining to signs (parking or other), traffic lights, speed tables and other traffic calming measures should be directed to the Transportation Advisory Committee.   

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Sgt. Ben Mailhot Sgt.