Mountain Bike Unit

Mountain Bike Unit

Contact: Sgt. Janice Sparks

Phone: (617) 993-2479

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The Belmont Police Mountain Bike Patrol was started many years ago and is used to have officers get out into the streets and neighborhoods. The Mountain Bike Unit follows the Belmont Police Mission statement by improving the quality of life for community members. The ability to hear directly from community members and solve problems is what makes the Mountain Bike Unit a great success. When a Mountain Bike officer is seen riding through a neighborhood it makes the residence, especially the elderly feel more secure. Residents are also more likely to talk to officers when they are out riding their Mountain Bikes. These officers are able to build trust with all different groups in Belmont. The bicycle unit is also utilized to patrol target areas and has the ability to respond to locations that a cruiser cannot. One of the strongest enforcement aspects of the bicycle is the ability to approach crimes in progress without being seen or heard.

All of the officers on the Mountain bikes go through an extensive Bike School called, C.O.B.W.E.B. Bike School (Cops on bikes with education for bicyclists). The training conditioned the officers to react to a wide range of situations that one may confront while on a mountain bike. Specialized areas of training included, the Community Policing Philosophy; proper nutritional concepts, body fuels, strength and fitness principles coupled with climate terrain, day and night patrol tactics, traffic suspect contact, armed confrontations and unit communications. The officers in the Mountain Bike Unit enjoy riding and like meeting new community members and discussing their concerns. This proactive approach goes along way when dealing with community satisfaction.