Narcotics Investigations


Anonymous Tipline: (617) 993-2569
Crimetip Email

The Belmont Police have regionalized their attack on Drugs. Due to financial restraints the Belmont Police decided that it was very difficult to fight the war on drugs alone. Years ago the Belmont Police assigned a detective on a part time basis to the Southern Middlesex County Drug Task Force which is comprised of investigators from Watertown, Waltham, Newton, Belmont, Lexington, Arlington, Lincoln and Weston. This unit is responsible for targeting and prosecuting those individuals and groups involved in the distribution of illegal narcotics and drugs. It works with other local, State and Federal agencies in the combating of drugs.

If you suspect or are aware of illegal drug activity, please contact us. You may report suspicious activity in person, or if you feel more comfortable, through the anonymous tipline (617-993-2569) or the crimetip email address.

See the Below PowerPoint Presentation for Drug Awareness for Parents.