Found Property

Public Posting

Property in the possession of the Belmont Police Department
Notice is given pursuant to the General Laws
Chapter 135, section 7, and Chapter 134, section 1

The property contained in the list(s) below or linked below have been found, recovered, or abandoned and now are in the possession of or reported to the police department.

All persons who believe they may have an interest in any item listed should contact Lt. Kristin Daley, custodian of property, at 617-993-2554, to determine if they have a claim to the property.

Pursuant to law, unclaimed property in the possession of the police department may be sold at public auction. Unclaimed money in the possession of the police department will be deposited in to the Town of Belmont’s general fund. Private holders of found property assume ownership of unclaimed property or money one year after finding the property if they make a timely report to the police.

In addition to the listed items, the police department has in its possession numerous items of no commercial value (such as eyeglasses and keys) that it holds as a courtesy for return to their owners. If unclaimed, such property is disposed of without auction or further notice.


Several recovered bicycles, call to see if your missing bicycle has been turned in.

Other Property

None at this time