Domestic Violence Unit

The Belmont Police have members that are assigned to a Domestic Violence Unit. They are trained in more courses on Domestic and Sexual abuse. When a domestic case comes in a member of the unit will follow up on the incident. If needed they will assist in the investigation and prosecution of suspects involved in domestic violence cases. The Domestic Violence Team also assists victims by arranging referrals for counseling, legal assistance, shelters, and support groups. The team will also monitor these domestic situations to prevent the escalation of violence in these incidents. In addition, several members participate in monthly roundtable discussions with the Cambridge District Court. This allows them to make contacts and discuss ways to improve the life of victims of domestic abuse.

Domestic Violence calls include all offenses committed against family members, spouses and ex-spouses, roommates, romantic partners and ex-romantic partners. Though "domestic violence" is generally thought to be synonymous with dating violence and spousal abuse it can also encompass violence between siblings, parents and children, step-parents and step-children, foster-parents and foster-children, and other family members. In Belmont, we average about 100 cases of Domestic violence related calls per year. Most of the cases are not actually abuse but are usually heading in that direction. Arrest is the preferred response when dealing with any abuse relating to Domestic situations. The Belmont Police are committed to making the victim feel safer and offer them our support during the incident and beyond to improve their quality of life.

Abuse is about power and control. Abuse is a range of behavior that may take many forms such as physical abuse, emotional or mental abuse, verbal, and sexual abuse. Abusers often control finances, isolate you over time from your family/friends, strictly monitor your whereabouts, display extreme jealousy and use intimidation, threats and/or violence.

If you think you, a family member, or a friend are a victim of abuse please call us. The chain of Domestic Violence can go on for a long time until someone has the courage to stop it. Remember, you are not alone. Many families are affected by abuse. We can help. Don't be ashamed or embarrassed to ask.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Lt. Mark Hurley Domestic Violence Officer (617) 993-2505
Sgt. Janice Sparks Domestic Violence Officer
Lt. Kristin Daley Domestic Violence Officer (617) 993-2554
Sgt. Kim Hurley Domestic Violence Officer
Det. Sgt William Regan Domestic Violence Officer 617-993-2559
Officer Kristine Pugliese Domestic Violence Officer
Officer Cory Taylor Domestic Violence Officer
Officer Kate Coppi Domestic Violence Officer