What is with the traffic at the bridge -Belmont Center?

Common Question: Do you consider this to be a 3-way uncontrolled intersection, or, a T-junction uncontrolled intersection where Leonard is the terminating street and Common to Concord is the continuing cross street? Or, is there another way to look at this intersection? 

This question about the intersection of Concord Ave and Common St is a common one.  The roadway under the bridge is technically Concord Ave.  Leonard St. begins when Concord Ave turns West on the North side of the bridge.  Over the years, the Town & hired traffic consultants have researched both sides of the Belmont Center “Bridge” intersection.  Many past recommendations have been reviewed and studied.   The alternatives have been studied and have been shown to have second or third order effects on traffic delays in not just the Belmont area but also stretching back into neighboring communities to our North and West. We recommend that all drivers use due caution when proceeding through that intersection.  We can tell you that for the high volume of traffic that travels through that intersection, it has a relatively low amount of crashes and typically smaller damage or injuries sustained in comparison to other intersections in Town that are much less complex (i.e. simple four way intersections).

Pedestrians should avoid crossing the roadways near the bridge and should use the well marked pedestrian crosswalks on Concord Ave (in front of the Post Office) and Leonard Street. 

Note: there are only three locations in town that allow for motor vehilce traffic to cross the RR grade:

1. Trapelo Road & Lexington St Bridges Waverley Square 

2. Concord Ave Belmont Center (Under the RR Bridge) 

3. Brighton Street at Hills Crossing