Computer Crime Unit


The Computer Crime Unit is tasked with investigating crimes that have a digital evidence component. These crimes can be inherently digital in nature, such as online auction fraud; or have an element of digital evidence, such as a drug investigation that cellphones have been seized from. Computer Crime Investigators investigate both online components of high-tech crime, and also perform forensic analyses on seized, surrendered, or recovered computers, cellphones, digital cameras, etc.

The Computer Crime Unit investigates the following crimes:
Personal Crimes
Cyber-Identity Theft
Cyber-Violations of 209A Orders
Computer Hacking
Possession/Dissemination of Child Pornography
Luring/Enticing Minors
Property Crimes
Cyber-Theft of Trade Secrets
Cyber-Copyright Infringement
Theft of Computer Services
Internet Counterfeit Products/Labels
Financial Crimes
Online Credit Card Fraud
Electronic Funds Trans. Fraud
Computer Desktop Forgery
Electronic Counterfeiting
Online Auction Fraud
Corporate Identity Fraud
Internet Scams