Belmont Police Department
460 Concord Avenue, Belmont, MA 02478
ph: (617) 993-2500
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, 617-993-2550 Main Line
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Detective Unit Cont.
Det. Michael Pugliese
Det. Paul Garabedian
The Belmont Police Department Detective Division is responsible for all of the follow-up investigations within the police department. The Detective Division consists of the Investigations and Licensing components of the police department.

The Detectives investigate, prevent and solve crimes against people and property. They also review every case and determine which have a probability of being solved and then the supervisor will assign the case to a detective for a follow-up investigation. The Detective Division follows-up on all major crimes, domestic violence, sexual crimes, narcotics, white collar crimes, and computer related crimes. The Detectives are able to supply the rest of the community and the department with possible lifesaving information gained from various contacts. The division also conducts background investigations for potential Town employees.

Detectives attend regional monthly detective meetings where they share information about crimes and crime trends with other local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies.

The Detectives have been to numerous schools that are specialized, that allow them to be more efficient in law and evidence collection. This allows them to collect, process and examine all forensic evidence and present expert testimony in court cases.

Some of the other daily duties include crime scene reconstruction and analysis, interview and interrogation, examination of patterns and profiles, information sharing and dissemination, search warrant affidavits, identification and apprehension of suspects, working with victims and witnesses, and preparation for prosecution.

In 2008 the Detectives had to handle one of the highest years of Breaking/Entering and Larcenies. In addition, Belmont had several Bank Robberies, Sexual Assaults, and an alleged gang shooting.