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Community Policing
Citizens of Belmont,

When community members are active participants in the problem solving equation, the level of service and quality of life for the community is improved.

The Belmont Police initially assigned police officers to each precinct in Town and asked that precinct members come forward with their concerns. We had many members respond and now will be dividing the town into the 3 different police sectors to allow us to be more efficient and get the entire department involved. The Belmont Police will always have the following cars on the road Car 383, Car 386 and Car 387. Please look at the below link on our Mission Statement  to find out what sector you are in or send me an email at   

Regardless of the town or city in which they reside, community members should have a say in what kinds of services they receive from the police. We are aware that some residents may have reservations about approaching the police for concerns they may have. The Belmont Police are hoping that with this program we can knock down some of the barriers between the police and citizens. Please come up and introduce yourself to an officer.

We would like to make you aware that while we have stated goals and objectives for this program, Community Policing allows for the free flow of ideas and suggestions. This is your chance to provide us (police) with the opportunity to learn from you.