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Community Policing Update - Please inform us of problems in your Neighborhoo

Please look at the above Maps and see what sector you are in. We have changed to police sectors to be more efficient and allow the entire department to be involved. Every shift we will have the following cars available Car 383, Car 386, and Car 387. We want people to come forward and discuss any problems they might be having in their neighborhood. If you have any questions please send me an email at If there is interest , we will set up a meeting to discuss any issues that have come up or suggestions to improve this project. Thanks for your help.

The Members of the Belmont Police Department are committed to working in partnership with all citizens of our community in the delivery of police services, raising the quality of life for all. We promote dignity, respect and a safe atmosphere by recognizing our responsibility to maintain order, fairly enforce laws and to protect individual rights.

Problem Solving in Belmont needs to have the Police and Community form a better Partnership. All members of the Community have a vested interest on improving the quality of life and making Belmont a safer place to live.

The problems of terrorist threats, school shootings, and identity theft add new challenges to local policing. In addition, the other community problems of speeding cars in neighborhoods, domestic violence, vandalism and school bullying are still major issues that need to be addressed. The police need to change their outlook on how to handle these problems. Making community members active participants in the process of problem solving is imperative.

It is important to realize that citizens should always call emergency police lines if there is an incident that needs to be reported. The goal of this project is to prevent an incident before it happens and have a police liaison to help in improving the quality of life for community members. In addition, we want to develop a network that will announce to citizens, what is happening in their neighborhoods and educate crime prevention techniques. (Id fraud, bullying, traffic calming, domestic violence, self defense) This will allow us to be proactive to citizens concerns and being able to reach out to as many community members as possible.

The following Action Plan will bring Police Officers closer to community members and improve the community’s quality of life:

  1. Get officers involved in community oriented policing and work with community members. There are several examples of successful partnerships located at
  2. Set up meeting or meetings to get precinct members involved and educate them on what is going on in their neighborhoods.
  3. Identify problems and what needs to be accomplished from meetings. These should be measurable outcomes or goals that police and community partners can look at.
  4. It is important to have in writing who will be responsible for each task and a timeline, if any should be in place. At this stage you might also need to find out what resources are available.
  5. The next stage is to make sure you have a follow up mechanism in place to assess what was accomplished. There might be problems that are going to be continuous and need to be monitored throughout the year.